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The Asia Journal Club is organized by Hitoshi Kawazoe, R.Ph., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy and Associated Professor Suphat Subongkot, Faculty of Pharmacy, KhonKhan University, Thailand. 


On behalf of the Cancer Institute NSW, eviQ and the ADDIKD Guideline Working Group, we are pleased to advise the International Guideline for Anticancer Drug Dosing in Kidney Dysfunction (ADDIKD) is now published and available.


By Dr Collins Saina, Oncology Pharmacist, International Cancer Institute - Eldoret, Kenya

Oncology Pharmacy in Kenya was recognized as a specialty in Pharmacy a year ago, although we still do not have a master’s program in Oncology Pharmacy in Kenya.


 'Let’s Communicate Cancer’ is free and easily accessible e-learning where you can learn about cancer from basics to detail. It is presented as bite-sized videos, animation, quizzes and slide shows.


In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, healthcare organizations around the world have implemented and utilised changes in cancer care including a wide variety of technologies. The purpose of this collection of papers is to showcase and share learning from those who have had experience of these changes including implementing the use of IT solutions and/or IT science to assist and improve clinical outcomes for patients.

The overarching theme for the research topic is impact of COVID-19 pandemic on cancer care.


Report back from the Multinational Association for Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada in June 2022.


In 2019, an ISOPP survey identified several barriers to biosimilar implementation faced by oncology pharmacists internationally. The African region was identified as facing several challenges to implementation that were different from those experienced in higher income settings.  An African survey was designed in 2021 to explore these challenges further, with a view to creating educational materials and resources to meet the specific needs of oncology professionals in Africa.  The main results are shared here.


ISOPP member, Dr. Sandrine von Grünigen obtained a doctoral degree at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) for her thesis on ”Handling of cytotoxic drugs and related waste in low and middle-income countries: A toolkit to promote safe handling practices”. Many ISOPP members contributed to the survey. A summary of her research can be found below.