Building on past collaborations with AstraZeneca Gulf and the Saudi Oncology Pharmacy Assembly (SOPA) , ISOPP presents the content for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Course Online Learning Series taking place monthly from June 2023 to early 2024.


By Cristina Ibáñez Collado, Oncology Pharmacist, PharmD, BPS-BCOP, Catalan Institute of Oncology, Catalonia, Spain

I work at the Catalan Institute of Oncology, a comprehensive cancer center, serving approximately 60% of Catalonia’s adult population, which is around 5 million people.


By Professor Shao-Chin Chiang, founder TwHOPA and Sarah Lo, ISOPP member


The annual meeting of GEDEFO was included in the ISOPP programme. Through this close collaboration, we were able to present aspects of our work that were of interest to the group, not only to the GEDEFO members who would normally attend the GEDEFO meeting, but also to all ISOPP participants.

"...Returning home, we are truly grateful to have participated in this symposium, which has provided us with new insights, inspiration, and connections."


Read the inspiring account of a day in the life of a state oncology pharmacist in South Africa.


World Cancer Day happens on February 4th for the 23rd time, and ISOPP is raising awareness on our website and social media platforms. Join us!


The Asia Journal Club is organized by Hitoshi Kawazoe, R.Ph., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy and Associated Professor Suphat Subongkot, Faculty of Pharmacy, KhonKhan University, Thailand. 


On behalf of the Cancer Institute NSW, eviQ and the ADDIKD Guideline Working Group, we are pleased to advise the International Guideline for Anticancer Drug Dosing in Kidney Dysfunction (ADDIKD) is now published and available.