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Join ISOPP today

What does it mean to be an ISOPP member? Watch the video below to see how members of ISOPP are working together to advance oncology pharmacy care for patients throughout the world.

ISOPP members’ number one priority is helping cancer patients with the best possible drug therapies. If you are an oncology practitioner providing clinical pharmacy and/or cytotoxic preparation services for cancer patients, ISOPP can help you achieve more in your profession.

Join us today and make connections with professionals who are part of healthcare teams involved in cancer prevention, treatment, supportive care, and symptom management. You’ll be joining a community that is at the forefront of efforts to prevent and manage toxicities associated with cancer treatment. You’ll also meet like-minded professionals involved in clinical and laboratory-based research, education, and management.

Membership benefits

ISOPP exists to develop, improve and support the practice of oncology pharmacy for the benefit of individuals affected by cancer around the world. Membership comes with a great range of benefits. These include:

Membership categories

Oncology practitioners who have made outstanding, long-term career contributions to the practice of oncology pharmacy and ISOPP are granted lifetime Honorary Membership.

Pharmacy practitioners, including pharmacists, technicians, support personnel, and students, are eligible for Full Membership with the complete range of benefits and voting rights.

Pharmacy technicians, support personnel or students are also eligible for a discount of 50% off the annual membership fee. Proof is required to get the discounted rate. For pharmacy technicians and support personnel, proof consists of a copy of your employment identification. For students, proof consists of a copy of your student identification or a letter from your institution's registrar confirming your status.

The Society Management Office must receive your documentation within two weeks of your membership application via mail, fax or email.

Membership fees

To verify the membership fee in Canadian funds applicable to you, view the membership fee by category type (PDF attachment). 

ISOPP’s membership fee is priced to be inclusive and supports ISOPP’s mission to promote and enhance the practice of oncology pharmacy worldwide. The fees are determined by the country in which you are employed. Salary bands for each country are based on an average of three different world ranking economic listings. 

Given that personal or regional financial situations may affect a person's decision to become an ISOPP member or to continue membership, the ISOPP Secretariat has approved a Sponsored Membership Program to support members who cannot afford their membership fees. 

Pharmacists can choose a discounted ISOPP Joint Membership fee and get a discount with select National Oncology Organizations. To qualify for these rates, you must be a member of both organizations. Select the applicable membership fee category when applying or renewing your membership with each organization.

Annual membership is valid from January to December of each year. Membership fees are due upon signup and/or renewal. Regardless of the signup or renewal date, the fee remains the same and membership is valid for that calendar year.

Joint membership

Joint membership discounts are available for Pharmacists (who qualify for the Annual Membership Fee) only. This discount is not extended to technicians, support personnel or students as membership rates for all other membership categories are already discounted.

  • Joint membership is available with the Canadian Association of Pharmacy in Oncology (CAPhO), the Canadian forum for oncology pharmacy practitioners and other health care professionals interested in oncology pharmacy.

Sponsored membership program

Upon presentation of a valid reason, a prospective or current ISOPP member may request a sponsored membership. Sponsored memberships are only valid during the year that they are approved. Please direct your request to the Membership Manager at for consideration by the Secretariat and the Membership and Finance Committee. Any information provided will be held in strict confidence.


ISOPP needs members who are willing to lend their time and expertise to help lead our society. There are several ways you can help:

  • Add your name to the ballot for ISOPP elections – a great opportunity for you to put your thoughts and ideas into action.
  • Help identify oncology practitioners who you feel have something to contribute to ISOPP and encourage them to stand in our elections. This will give you a chance to mentor a colleague who may be interested in a leadership role, but is unsure about taking on this opportunity.
  • Recruit a new ISOPP member – this could be a practitioner you know from work, from your travels, or from industry meetings.
  • Volunteer and help us in our mission to improve care for cancer patients around the world.

To volunteer contact the Society Membership Manager at +1-604-984-6448 or via email at