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Interested in the opinions of ISOPP’s members? ISOPP will distribute your survey, if it meets set criteria (see below).  This service is free if the principal investigator or co-investigator is an ISOPP member, and is available to non members for a fee of $5,000 CAD.  

If your research/survey would benefit from the opinions of the ISOPP membership, please submit a research proposal that includes the following:  

  • The principal investigator is identified
  • The rationale of survey is provided and is scientific, clinical or contains quality improvement elements
  • There is a clear objective of doing the study
  • Meaningful data will be generated that is measurable
  • The survey design is appropriate method for obtaining data
  • The data analysis plan and data presentation plan is defined
  • There is a clear deadline for submission and the completion of the survey is defined
  • Institutional Research Board Ethics Approval or similar documentation indicating ethical risks, including fairness, privacy and bias have been assessed.
  • Please indicate how your survey will be deployed to the ISOPP membership.  Electronic survey platforms are recommended to increase accessibility and engagement with your research.  

Also, the survey must be presented in English with:

  • adequate questionnaire construction,
  • short and straightforward questions using simple and precise language,
  • clearly defined response options and defined answer labels, and
  • open-ended questions, if necessary.

The submission and review process is as follows:

  • Submit your request with a copy of the survey to ISOPP’s Research Committee Chair via email to
  • The Research Committee reviews and approves the survey, which is then submitted to Secretariat for final approval.  Please allow at least two weeks for this process.
  • Upon payment, if applicable, the approved survey is distributed to ISOPP members through a posting on the website on the oncology pharmacy links page, via e-mail and via social media.

The condition of distribution is that ISOPP receives a copy of the final report that survey results are used for, and if published, ISOPP is acknowledged in the publication.


Email Distribution

Many ISOPP members are part of healthcare teams involved in cancer prevention, treatment, supportive care, and symptom management.   If you would like to reach them to share information about a job posting, product launch, a conference or other related oncology pharmacy matters, ISOPP will distribute an email on your behalf and post the information to the ISOPP website. 

Information to be distributed must be approved by ISOPP leadership team in advance and will be charged. Please email for more information. 


Educational Resources

ISOPP hosts online resources and links to educational materials on its Oncology Pharmacy Resources web page with the aim to expand the reach of educational content relevant to Oncology Pharmacy practitioners.  If you would like ISOPP to host or link to your educational resource, there are a few criteria that need to be met.


1. You provide ISOPP access to the content to complete a review:

  • The content is congruent with the mission and goals of ISOPP
  • The content is scientific, clinical and/or contains quality improvement elements relevant to Oncology Pharmacy practice
  • The content is well presented
  • The language of presentation is relevant to a representative proportion of the ISOPP membership

2. You submit a summary of the educational resource (in English)

3. You submit an introduction to the author’s organisation (service provider / company / organization / university / other) (in English)

4. If the resource was created using funding, you submit a statement about the funder and the role of the funder, and confirm if there are any conflicts of interest with ISOPP

5. If you have a website, you provide a complimentary link to ISOPP’s website, and if you do not have a website then an equivalent alternative

Submission and Review Process:

1.    Submit your request to ISOPP’s Education Committee Chairs via email to with the following:

  • Summary of educational resource (in English): Title and brief description of content as you want them to appear on the Oncology Pharmacy Resources web page (no longer than 75 words)
  • Introduction to the author’s organisation: For internal purposes only – this will not be posted
  • Declaration of conflicts: State if a conflict exists or if no conflict exists and acknowledge completion of ISOPP’s Conflict of Interest form
  • Web link of education resource and/or a PDF of the educational content to be uploaded to ISOPP’s website
  • Current beneficiaries and utility of proposed educational resource (optional)
  • Any other information which may be useful to support your request

2.    ISOPP will review your request, recommend one of the following and contact you via email with its decision:

  • Approve educational resource posting
  • Decline educational resource posting
  • Request additional information and keep decision pending
  • Recommend edits / corrections in the educational resource before proceeding with review process



1.    Allow at least four to six weeks for this process.

2.    The resource will be available to the public (thus not identified as for members only) unless specifically requested that it only be available to members.

3.    Resources presented in languages other than English may require a longer assessment period.

4.    In lieu of a fee for service, a reciprocal exchange is required.

5.    The contents of the Oncology Pharmacy Resources page will be reviewed periodically to ensure the material stays relevant to current practice and is up to date.

6.    By appearing on the Oncology Pharmacy Resources page, ISOPP is simply acknowledging the resource and is in no way endorsing it.