Taiwan HOPA is One Year Old

By Professor Shao-Chin Chiang, founder TwHOPA and Sarah Lo, ISOPP member

About Us
As treatment for cancer has developed at unprecedented swiftness over the past two decades, the role of pharmacists to help navigate through the myriad of new drugs to meet demands of healthcare and regulations has become increasingly important. Recognizing the need for specialization and the demand for a dedicated platform for communication with related domestic and international institutions, Professor Shao-Chin Chiang brought together pharmacists working in cancer pharmaceutical care and established Taiwan Hematology and Oncology Pharmacy Association (twHOPA) in March 2022. We have recently celebrated the first anniversary of our inauguration.

Our mission is to improve patient care through promotion of hematology and oncology pharmacy. This includes to: 

  1. Promote pharmacists’ specialization in hematology and oncology in Taiwan.
  2. Improve knowledge and skills in the use of anticancer drugs and supportive care in hematology- and oncology-related health care professionals.
  3. Promote academic and experience exchange among members.
  4. Promote research on hematology and oncology pharmacy.
  5. Improve public understanding of hematology and oncology pharmacy.
  6. Improve communication between local and international related associations.
  7. Provide consulting service regarding designing and building anticancer drug compounding engineering control.

To facilitate and promote affairs of twHOPA, we have established five committees: academic, specialty certification, law & regulations, information technology, and public relations. With members that include experts from academia, hospital & community pharmacy, and the pharmaceutical industry, we believe through alliance, communication and sharing of experience across all health care professionals, twHOPA will grow and thrive to the best.

For our future development, we have planned short-, medium-, and long-term goals. Our top priority would be to regularly hold various academic events, such as seminars and conferences to promote latest knowledge in the use of anticancer and supportive therapy.
                                     Inauguration Day

Next, we increase public awareness on hematology and oncology pharmacy by introducing a public online educational platform, on which we would create educational materials readily available to all healthcare professionals and the general public.


  1. Through the active participation of members, we form collaborations with associations and allocate resources to promote hematology and oncology pharmacy. 
  2. Our conferences, activities and online courses become the ideal platform for practitioners and researchers using Chinese language to obtain and exchange the latest knowledge and insights. 
  3. Advocating specialty recognition, we set standards and roles for practicing hematology & oncology pharmacy and encourage practitioners to provide excellent direct patient care.

The primary contact person for international affairs is Sarah Lo, e-mail: r91451005@ntu.edu.tw.