Pharmacy Anti-Cancer Drug Course (PAD)

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The Pharmacy anti-cancer drug course supports pharmacists to develop the knowledge and clinical skills required to work safely with anti-cancer drugs and the patients receiving them. It has been brought to you in collaboration with eviQ Education, a program of the Cancer Institute NSW (Australia).

The Pharmacy anti-cancer drug course provides foundation level education for pharmacists working in the cancer care practice setting.

The course consists of online learning and practical skills development to support the translation of theory into practice within the workplace. Competency assessments are used to assess clinical skill.

There are two models of course delivery that can be adapted to suit the needs of the learner and the workplace.

Self-directed model

  • The learner completes the online components of the course only including eLearning guides, eQuizzes and workbooks (optional).

Facilitator model

  • The learner completes the online components of the course including the eLearning guides, eQuizzes and workbooks (optional).
  • A trained pharmacy anti-cancer drug course facilitator supports the learner to complete the practical skills components of the course including supervised clinical practice, clinical skills workshop and competency assessments.

Please read the Pharmacy anti-cancer drug course guide for learners before proceeding.

Workbooks have been provided to assist you in applying the principles discussed in the modules to your local work context and role. If you choose to use the workbook, whenever you see a workplace reflection in the module, there is space allocated in the workbook for you to record notes. Please confirm with your local supervisor or facilitator (if available) if the workbook will be mandated at your workplace.

Modules may be completed in any order and may be prioritised according to your role and responsibilities.

NOTE: By accessing this eLearning, you agree to the eviQ Education Disclaimer and Copyright. This course is designed for use in Australia and so licensing and references may not be relevant for your country. 


What people are saying about the course:

"The different modules are very comprehensive, informative and cover many important topics in pharmacy oncology care. I also liked the workbooks with the workplace reflections which are useful for our daily practice. Highly recommended!" - Tiene Bauters, Pharmacist, Ghent University Hospital, Pharmacy, Belgium 

"The Pharmacy Anti-Cancer Drug (PAD) course is a comprehensive introduction to anti-cancer drug knowledge and skills necessary for the pharmacist caring for patients with cancer, whether they work within the pharmacy verifying orders and preparing drugs or whether they are providing direct patient care. I would highly recommend this to any hematology/oncology pharmacist at any point in their career. Not only is it very informative, it is interactive, using real case studies that are helpful for practicing the concepts learned within each module. It provides knowledge checks throughout to help solidify the information learned and which concepts you may need to practice more. The workplace reflections are useful to make you stop and think about what you do in your own workplace. Best of all, in each module, real-word context is presented for how to interpret the somewhat gray areas of anticancer therapy, such as when is it best to recalculate the BSA or dose reduce an anti-cancer drug. This FREE offering should not be passed up!"  -  Lisa Holle, Clinical Professor, University of Connecticut, USA

"The PAD course is a highly educative one. The ISOPP E-learning platform is quite easy to navigate and the modules are broken down in a way that is easy to understand for any pharmacist new to the oncology field or as a refresher for experienced pharmacists. I particularly learnt a lot from Module 2 as the various treatment protocols are still new in terms of clinical practice for those of us in the developing countries. I would strongly recommend it to colleagues looking to expand their knowledge." - Busayo Abolarin, Clinical Pharmacist, University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Nigeria.


“Regardless of being an experienced or new in the field of oncology/haematology, PAD definitely is something you would benefit from. It covers a huge aspect of an oncology pharmacist, from safe handling, clinical management, support in administration, clinical verification and patient education. It is not just any presentation you would expect, interactive features within the PAD course makes learning more attractive. Don’t miss out!” - CheaXin Lim, Brunei Darussalam


“The Pharmacy Anti-Cancer Drug Course (PAD) by eviQ is a fantastic and contemporary education course for new and established Cancer Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians seeking to learn about cancer patient care and cancer treatments. You will find this course to be very comprehensive, interactive, and has many reflections and quizzes throughout the modules to keep your interest. I especially enjoyed module 5 as it provided an excellent overview of the various aspects of medicines management and served as a reminder of how to implement and ensure good clinical practices. Definitely recommend this to your colleagues in oncology!” - Tiffany Chan, Lead Pharmacist in Cancer Services, Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK


"A great course for embedding the basics of cancer pharmacy. Adaptable to local environments and regulations, the PAD course is a valuable part of our health services training. Proud to see this Australian course featured for international access and use." Shaun O'Connor, Senior Cancer Services Pharmacist, St Vincent's Public Hospital Melbourne, Australia


“I like the course. It is relevant, is divided into parts that are useful for the oncology pharmacists and practice, its a self paced and presented in an easy to grasp and understand format. I would recommend this course for any oncology pharmacists interested in improving their knowledge and practice. I believe that the ISOPP education committee shall enrich the course with more topics that are relevant to the practice of oncology pharmacy globally.” – David Wata, Clinical Pharmacist, Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya


“I recently completed one of the online courses offered by the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners (ISOPP) and found it to be exceptionally informative. As someone starting out in the field of oncology, this course provided me with a comprehensive foundation, covering a wide range of topics from fundamental concepts to advanced knowledge in oncology.

I highly recommend this course to international students and volunteers who are eager to enhance their understanding and contribute to the field of oncology. The ISOPP platform has offered me an invaluable opportunity by waiving my fee, allowing me to join this esteemed organization.
Aspiring to become a cancer researcher, and now working as an oncology pharmacist, I have found ISOPP's resources instrumental in achieving my goals. Their e-learning course series has not only helped me review existing knowledge but also deepened my understanding and strengthened my concepts in oncology.

One area for improvement I would suggest is to allow only a single attempt per assessment. This would encourage learners to focus more attentively and approach their answers with greater sincerity.

Overall, ISOPP is a fantastic platform that is helping me significantly in my professional development.” - Dr. Muhammad Nabeel, Clinical Oncology Pharmacist and Researcher, Cancer Care Hospital & Research Centre, Pakistan

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