JASPO translates the ISOPP Revised Standards of Practice

The Japan Clinical Oncology and Pharmacology Society (JASPO) has translated the ISOPP Standards of Practice from English to Japanese, expanding its reach to over 5,000 oncology pharmacy practitioners in Japan.  

In July 2022, Evelyn Handel (United States), President of the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners ("ISOPP") (as of 2022) and Naoki Kondo, President of the Japanese Society of Clinical Oncology Pharmacy ("JASPO") (as of 2022) signed a "Memorandum of Understanding to translate ISOPP Standards 2022".

A Translation Task Force was formed and the translation is now complete. 

Click here to access the Japanese translation of the ISOPP Standards of Practice: Japanese translation of the ISOPP Standards.

Thank you to the ISOPP Standards Translation Task Force members:
・Hisanaga Nomura
・Koji Hashiguchi
・Maho Miyazawa
・Masahiro Ishimaru
・Masato Komuro
・Nobuyuki Mamiya
・Tomoko Morita
・Toshiaki Nakayama
・Yuka Mori
・Yukio Sakata.

We are grateful to Hisanaga Nomura, former ISOPP Secretariat member, for organising funding and translation, making the information even more accessible.  

“We hope that this translation effort will not only be disseminated in Japan, but also that other countries where the measure of occupational exposure is not widely disseminated will do the same and translate them into their local languages, thereby improving the work environment for pharmacists worldwide”.

Contact services@isopp.org if you would like to do the same for another language of your choosing.