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What's happening in the association
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ISOPP Members, the seventy-second issue of the Virtual Journal Club (VJC) is available on the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners (ISOPP) website. To access it, visit the 

Join your peers and make a difference by either writing an article to be published in ISOPP’s next quarterly ISOPP Newsletter and/or joining two new recently formed Task Forces - Member Engagement Task Force and/or the Immunotherapy Task Force. 

The Toolkit provides tools aimed at assisting oncology pharmacy practitioners to understand and implement Biosimilars in their practice. It forms part of ISOPP’s Virtual Library and access is complimentary for members.  Not a member? Join ISOPP.

Extending on our ISOPP commentary which includes perspectives from practice leaders from 28 countries globally, we look forward to inviting your participation in a forthcoming individual member survey. 

The survey is currently being developed through established review panel of practice leaders and general practitioners, with expected distribution July-Sept 2020

Oncology Pharmacy News

What's happening in oncology pharmacy around the world

In light of Covid-19 there have been some mitigation strategies implemented either nationally or within local hospitals. As a group of clinical academics based at University College London we are interested in understanding the approach your institution has taken regarding the care of cancer patients, in terms of the policies/practice regulations which have been issued and how these have been translated into practice. We believe you can help shed light on this.

By Felice Musicco, Instituti Fisioterapici Ospitalieri, Italy

In general, the use of drugs is desirable, taking into account risks and benefits, always within controlled trials, in order to produce valid results and, above all, to produce therapeutic recommendations.

By Shaun O'Connor, St. Vincent's Health, Australia

Over 800 pharmacists gathered at Royal Seginus Hotel, Antalya, Turkey for the 7th TÜKED Congress.

By Lorraine Diwas and Margarita Padilla, Inpatient Pharmacy, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (CCAD) is a multi-specialty hospital located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates that has been open to the public since May 2015.

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Oncology Pharmacy Resources

Recent literature to keep you informed
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