Standards of Practice

ISOPP Standards of PracticeISOPP’s Standards of Practice in cancer pharmacy communicate to healthcare professionals the roles and responsibilities of oncology pharmacists and provide a benchmark to evaluate the quality of services and patient care.

As almost his final act as ISOPP President in 2006, Graham Sewell officially launched the first Oncology Pharmacy Standards of Practice during the ISOPP Symposium in Kuala Lumpur. The Standards of Practice are the result of an exceptional amount of work by the Standards Committee at that time.

A new Standards of Practice will be published in JOPP at a date to be determined.
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Please note that the Standards of Practice are available for the personal use of ISOPP members only. To become a member and view the ISOPP Standards of Practice, visit the membership page. Below is an excerpt from ISOPP's Standards of Practice.

Excerpt from ISOPP's Standards of Practice

4.1 Education on cytotoxic risks and safe handling

In order to understand the risks involved and to ensure the safe handling of these agents, all staff who will be involved in the handling of cytotoxic drugs must be provided with adequate education. All staff who handle, or are likely to handle, cytotoxic drugs should receive appropriate education prior to exposure to risk. This will include pharmacy staff, nursing and medical staff, and other support staff including porters, and cleaners who may transport cytotoxic agents or may clean a potentially contaminated area. When available, specific educational courses should be attended.

In addition, patients and carer who are involved in the delivery of chemotherapy in the home should receive some basic education and training in the principles of safe handling, and dealing with spills, waste disposal and patients’ excreta. Written instructions should be given to patients or carer, including information on the use of oral chemotherapeutic agents.