Secretariat & Chairs

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ISOPP Secretariat

The Secretariat consists of a President, a President Elect or Past President (alternating every two years), a Secretary, a Treasurer and four additional Secretariat members.
Let us introduce you to the current ISOPP Secretariat Members.

Netty Cracknell
United Kingdom
Evelyn Handel
United States
Past President
Irene Weru
Robert Duncombe
United Kingdom
Tiene Bauters
General Member
Kofi Boamah Mensah
General Member
Barry Goldspiel
United States
General Member
Manit Saeteaw
General Member

ISOPP Chairs

ISOPP governance model, in addition to the Secretariat, is made up of standing committees, task forces, and work groups, each of which has an appointed Chair or Lead and each of which requires your input and time.  Volunteer for a committee, task force or work group. Contact to join your peers and make a difference.  

Let us introduce you to the current ISOPP Chairs.

Esin Aysel Kandemir
Advocacy Committee Chair
Lynne Nakashima
Awards and Grants Task Force Chair
Jennifer Jupp
EDI Task Force Chair
Himanshu Patel
Education Committee Chair
Tiffany Chan
United Kingdom
Engagement & Communications Committee Co-chair
Robert Duncombe
United Kingdom
Finance Committee Chair
Evelyn Handel
United States
Governance Committee Chair
Himanshu Patel
Oncology Pharmacotherapy and Applications of Biosimilars (OPAB) Program Task Force Chair
Nick Duncan
United Kingdom
Research Committee Chair


Committees and Task Force Members

Below is a list of ISOPP’s committee and task force members currently engaged and working for you the member. Volunteer for a committee or task force. Contact to join your peers and make a difference.  

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Advocacy Committee

Chair: Esin Aysel Kandemir
Secretariat Member: Irene Weru
Members: Shirin Abadi, Ahmed Alkhawlani, Brooke Bernhardt, Alexandre Chan, Hoai Thu Dang, Donald Danson, Harbans Dhillon, Lisa Holle, Irem Karaomerlioglu, Nirachorn Kuchonthara, Rodrigo Spineli Macedo, Felice Musicco, Himanshu Patel, Rowena Schwartz, Mario Jorge Silva, Rosalyn Sims, Steve Stricker, Karunrat Tewthanom, David Wata, John Wiernikowski and Monica Yam Fui Chien.  

Awards and Travel Grant Task Force

Chair: Lynne Nakashima
Secretariat Member: Barry Goldspiel
Members: Lisa Holle, Siew Woon Lim and Rosalyn Sims

EDI (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) Task Force

Chair: Jennifer Jupp
Secretariat Member: Manit Saeteaw
Members: Clara Adesola, Lailaa Cajee, Marc Geirnaert, İrem Karaömerlioğlu, Razeeya Khan, Mario Jorge Sobreira da Silva, Natalie Tetteh, Michelle Worst

Engagement and Communications Committee

Chair and Newsletter Editor: Tiffany Chan 
Secretariat Member: Kofi Mensah
Members: Oluwabusayo Abolarin, Netty Cracknell, Evelyn Handel, Amin Javaid, Stephy Mathew, Muhammad Nabeel, Lynne Nakashima, Hisanaga Nomura and Shaun O’Connor

Education Committee

Chair: Himanshu Patel
Secretariat Member: Barry Goldspiel
Members: Netty Cracknell, Melanie Danilak, Harbans Dhillon, Aygin Ekincioglu, Sarah Glewis, Kimberley-Ann Kerr, Liam King, Elaine Lazzaroni Moraes, Amy Lim, Chea Xin Lim, Alison Palumbo, Manit Saeteaw, Mario Jorge Silva, Chiajie Tan, David Wata, Irene Weru, Joseph Williams and Toh Yilong 

Masterclass (Education Committee sub group)

Chair: Harbans Dhillon
Vice Chair: Kimberley-Ann Kerr
Oral Anti-cancer: Kimberley-Ann Kerr (Lead), Melanie Danilak and Evelyn Handel
Supportive Care: Chiajie Tan (Lead), Tandy-Sue Copeland, Sarah Glewis and Himanshu Patel
Safe Handling: Harbans Dhillon (Lead), Chiajie Tan and Irene Weru
Advanced Aseptic Preparation: Harbans Dhillon (Lead), Aygin Ekincioglu and Chea Xin Lim

Finance Committee

Treasurer (Chair): Robert Duncombe

Secretariat Member: Robert Duncombe
Members: Netty Cracknell, Melanie Danilak, Evelyn Handel, Lisa Holle, Shaun O'Connor, Irene Weru

Governance Committee

Past President (Chair): Evelyn Handel

Secretariat Member: Netty Cracknell
Members: Alexandre Chan, Shaun O'Connor, Moe Schwartz, John Wiernikowski

Nominations Task Force 2024

Chair: Evelyn Handel
Members: to be confirmed

Educational Grant Proposal Task Force

Chair:    Himanshu Patel

Guideline Endorsement Task Force

Formed as needed

Regional Symposium Task Force

Formed as needed

Research Committee 

Chair: Nick Duncan
Secretariat Member: Tiene Bauters
Members: Marliese Alexander, Netty Cracknell, Kellie Jones Weddle, Jennifer Jupp, Maria Larizza, Hisanaga Nomura, Paul Sessink, Judith Smith, Shinya Suzuki and Winnie Mwangi.

Oncology Pharmacotherapy and Applications of Biosimilars (OPAB) Program Task Force

Chair: Himanshu Patel
Secretariat Member: Netty Cracknell
Members: Alex Chan, Emma Foreman, CheaXin Lim, May Oh, Chiajie Tan

ISOPP CAPhO Symposium 2025 Planning and Program Task Forces
Visit ISOPP CAPhO Symposium 2025 Task Forces to learn more