International Symposia

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ISOPP Symposia offer oncology pharmacy experts informative, engaging and cutting edge programming in world-class locations.

There are topical plenary sessions, concurrent sessions with three streams (Clinical, Research and Fundamental), poster presentations and, of course, numerous opportunities to network and connect with old friends and new colleagues.

In this new age of anticancer therapy, there is no better place to establish and build relationships with oncology pharmacist colleagues with a wealth of local, regional, national and international experience.

Who attends

ISOPP Symposia attract audiences of more than 500 people from around the world, providing excellent opportunities to establish and cultivate valuable relationships with leaders and pioneers in the field of Oncology Pharmacy.

Attendees include:

  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Technicians and Assistants
  • Cancer Program Administrators
  • Government Agency Leaders
  • Pharmacy Students

ISOPP members from developing countries or with financial hardship are offered the opportunity through Travel Grants to attend the ISOPP Symposium so that they may expand their knowledge and share it with colleagues in their home countries or regions.

Symposia coming up

Inspiring themes

Each ISOPP Symposium has a theme around which the educational program is built. At ISOPP 2017, the theme was:

Sharing the Journey

The educational program highlighted cutting edge developments and showcased key patient and colleague perspectives. ISOPP 2017 offered a unique opportunity for oncology pharmacy professionals to heighten their practice and continue to elevate our collaborative role within the cancer care team. 

Past ISOPP Symposia

Past ISOPP Symposia brought international experts together to learn, discuss and network around clinical, research and fundamental topics in oncology pharmacy. Regional Symposia have also been held in Europe, Australia, and the USA.

 Year  City  Country  Chair
 2018  Shanghai  China  Miguel (Bo) Yu
 2017  Budapest  Hungary  Attila Szucs
 2016  Santiago  Chile  Alejandra Barahona
 2014  Montreal  Canada  Carlo DeAngelis
 2012  Melbourne  Australia  Terry Maunsell
 2010  Prague  Czech Republic  Irene Netikova
 2008  Anaheim  USA  Helen Leather
 2006  Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia  Saad Othman & Helen Leather
 2004  Torino  Italy  Franca Goffredo
 2002  Vancouver  Canada  Jeff Barnett & Kim Stefaniuk
 2000  Prague  Czech Republic  Martin Benes
 1998  Washington  USA  Jim Koeller
 1997  Sydney  Australia  Terry Maunsell
 1995  Hamburg  Germany  Klaus Meier
 1993  Toronto  Canada  Larry Broadfield
 1990  Exeter  UK  Graham Sewell
 1988  Rotorua  New Zealand  Helen McKinnon