UTIC (Understanding targeted therapies and immunotherapies for cancer) Course

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ISOPP (International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners) and BOPA (British Oncology Pharmacy Association) are pleased to announce this joint collaboration project – UTIC (Understanding targeted therapies and immunotherapies for cancer). It is a learning course over five modules incorporating twenty four videos (6-8 minutes each) taking you on a journey of learning and discovery about targeted therapies and immunotherapies used for the treatment of cancer. The videos can be set to have English subtitles. 

This joint collaboration was developed to support the education and learning of oncology pharmacists around the world by producing an education course that is not currently available by either the ISOPP or BOPA education offerings.

The content is split into five main topic areas:

  1. Cancer biology and genetics
  2. Targeted cancer treatments
  3. Introduction to immunotherapy
  4. Immunotherapy with checkpoint inhibitors
  5. Targeted treatments and immunotherapies for haematological cancers

If you are an organization or company and wish to discuss collaborating with ISOPP on other projects, please get in contact: president@isopp.org


What people are saying about the course:

‘I have just completed the brilliant UTIC course and would highly recommend it to any Cancer Pharmacist – both those new to Oncology / Haematology and those with many years experience. It has reinforced many key basics for me about the immune system, and how cancer cells are able to evade it, and really put into context how our newer targeted and immunotherapies work. I feel that it will help me greatly in explaining these often concept complex concepts, when I am teaching trainee and junior Pharmacy staff. A big thank you to Elaine Vickers for the clarity of her explanations and illustrations.’ – Catherine Parbutt, Consultant Pharmacist for Cancer Services, England

‘UTIC is a comprehensive introduction to targeted therapy and immunotherapy for pharmacists new to the hematology and oncology area with content ranging from basic pharmacology to practical clinical pearls. Great refresher too for experienced oncology pharmacists!’ – Chia Jie Tan, Research Assistant Professor, University of Utah, USA

“A very informative course covering the pharmacology behind the treatment options. Presentations delivered provided a comprehensive coverage of the topic, accompanied by visuals that facilitate deeper understanding. It is not just a refresher but also a learning experience for experienced pharmacists. Definitely a great introduction to pharmacists new to haematology and oncology.”  - Chea Xin Lim, Pharmacist, Brunei Darussalam   

'The content was presented in easy to understand and bite size modules. The course can be covered in a single sitting or in many short sessions to one’s preference. The visuals and end of session quizzes help to internalize the content learnt., Dr. Elaine Vickers is an excellent teacher! I would recommend the course for pharmacists and other healthcare workers wishing to learn more about targeted and immunotherapies in cancer, even those with little or no experience in the area.’ - Irene Weru, Senior Specialist Pharmacist, Kenya

"You definitely don't want to miss out on this incredible FREE education module on targeted and immunotherapies from ISOPP/BOPA. With all the new drugs hitting the market (seriously, who can keep up?), this is so helpful. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!" - Amy Lim, Cancer Drug Manual Writer, BC Cancer, Canada

The UTIC course really clearly explains the science behind targeted and immunotherapies for cancer. Elaine Vickers presents very complex information in a straightforward and engaging way.  I would highly recommend to all pharmacists working within cancer, and anyone else who would like to learn more about this interesting and rapidly-developing area.’ Elly Ball, Cancer Education and Training Pharmacist, England

'This course is suitable for both new and seasoned practitioners. Dr Vickers presents complex information in a very understandable manner. If you didn’t know much about targeted- and immune-therapy before or need a refresher, the course content will provide a good foundation and inspire you to lean more.' - Barry Goldspiel, Clinical Trials Support Specialist, National Cancer Institute, USA

‘Fab series - learned a lot!, Used on multiple devices with and without WiFi and experienced no issues. Able to learn on the move which was very useful. Found the course easy to navigate, no issue with videos/MCQs. The content of the course is very relevant and interesting, with the bitesize delivery ideal for doing them at work, at home or whilst commuting.’ – Sarah Mitchell, Clinical Cancer Care Pharmacist, Scotland  

This education program has been supported by a partial grant from Roche Products Limited and Incyte Biosciences UK Ltd. Roche Products Limited and Incyte Biosciences UK Ltd have had no control or influence over the educational content of this program.