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The International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners (ISOPP)’s Oncology Pharmacotherapy and Applications of Biosimilars (OPAB) Program supports knowledge and understanding of young oncology pharmacists and includes both basics and advanced concepts of oncology pharmacotherapy and biosimilars.

Every healthcare facility may have different policies and procedures in regard to oncology pharmacy practice and the use of Biosimilars. The text, photos and videos presented in this program have been developed considering international scenario and needs of anticipated participants.

The content of OPAB Program is for educational purposes only and may contain some copyrighted materials from biology textbooks, medical periodicals, articles and websites. Wherever possible, the authors of such materials have been contacted for permission to use and/or adapt such materials; a reference or link is provided to the original source.

The authors have made every effort to ensure that the information presented was accurate at the time of publication. As new research and experience broadens our knowledge, changes in requirements will be required. The authors, reviewers, ISOPP and Pfizer are NOT responsible for errors, omissions, inconsistencies or continued completeness of the information contained in the OPAB Program.

ISOPP is not liable for any information provided in the content of this program. ISOPP hereby disclaims all liability for any claims, losses or damages in connection with use or application of these materials.


This educational initiative was funded by an educational grant from Pfizer. Author disclosures are listed in each Module.


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