ISOPP Bylaw Updates 2023 Special Members Meeting, December 20, 2023

All current ISOPP members are invited to join a Special Members Meeting on Wednesday, December 20th at 5am PST (click here to find your local time).  

An important aspect of ISOPP’s new 10-year vision is to ensure ISOPP Bylaws are in alignment with ISOPP’s vision and meet legal requirements. To this end, two ISOPP bylaws (Bylaws 3 and 13) need to be adapted.

The purpose of this meeting therefore will be to review and vote on two proposed edits as recommended by the ISOPP Secretariat and Governance Committee. The special resolution motions to be voted on during the meeting are:

1) Motion:  Approve the proposed edits to Bylaw 3 (Membership Categories (Classes) and Conditions) of: 

     1) Qualification for Membership (point A)

          ●   I b) Change to: Qualifications for membership are met as described in the application.
          ●   II)  Remove the last sentence: Membership dues are waived for Honorary Members.

     2)  Membership Fees (point D)

          ●   I) Change to: There are no annual fees for all categories of membership, unless made effective by way of a bylaw amendment in accordance with Bylaw 38 hereof.
          ●   III) Change to: The Society shall contact members on a yearly basis with the option to continue or withdraw their membership.
          ●   IV) Remove:  Membership of the defaulting member shall be cancelled if the membership fees are not received by the first day of March.

2) Motion:  Approve the proposed edits to Bylaw 13 (Term of Office for Directors) of:
          ●  Remove point I since it no longer applies
          ●  Change the words “two (2)” to “three (3)” years in point II.

Please review the proposed edits and rationale as outlined in the below two documents:

You are invited to submit any questions or feedback in advance of the meeting to There will also be an open Q&A during the meeting for discussion.

Sincere thanks to my fellow Governance Committee members and Secretariat members for their involvement and commitment to this process to ensure that both legal obligations and a well-structured framework is in place to guide ISOPP's current and future leaders in realizing ISOPP’s new 10-year vision.

Please RSVP here (if you are a current ISOPP member, you would have received an email with personalized link on November 22, 2023) if you plan on attending. I look forward to seeing you online!

Evelyn Handel
ISOPP President