Host a Future ISOPP Symposium

Host a Future ISOPP Symposium

Would you like to see one of ISOPP's Symposia held in your city or country? Contact
Would your national organization, or you and a group of your colleagues, like to host a future ISOPP International Symposium in your country?

Along with the prestige of hosting an ISOPP event, you have the opportunity to:

  • increase exposure of your national association and/or those working in the field (if your country does not have a national association)
  • elevate the stature of the local chairs and Task Force volunteers
  • bring economic benefits to the host city and country
  • have input into the program including the cultural / local flair and social event aspects
  • host friends and colleagues from around the world
  • have a potential source of revenue and membership expansion
  • gain more experience in hosting a large event.

If you are interested or know of an organization that might wish to host a future ISOPP International Symposium, please review and respond to the request for proposal.

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