Sponsored Membership

Upon presentation of a valid reason, a prospective or current ISOPP member may request a sponsored membership. Sponsored memberships are only valid during the year that they are approved. Please direct your request to the Membership Manager at membership@isopp.org for consideration by the Secretariat and the Finance Committee. Any information provided will be held in strict confidence. 

New or Renewing members may directly sponsor another member. However, for sponsored members that are not directly sponsored; the following tenets will apply:

  • Preference will be given to Pharmacists that are new to ISOPP
  • If there are sufficient funds to accommodate all sponsorship requests, requests (and hence sponsorship funds depleted) according to the relevant Country income level of the applying member
  • If there are more requests for sponsorship than available funds then requests will be granted in the following sequence
    • New members on a first come, first served basis
    • Previously sponsored members who would not be getting consecutive years of membership; on a first come, first served basis
    • All remaining requests on a first come, first served basis until sponsorship funds are depleted.
  • After funds are depleted, the Finance committee chair will forward names of any remaining pharmacists applying for sponsorship to the ISOPP Secretariat since in some years there may be additional sponsorship opportunities (i.e. from Industry)

Sponsored members will be required to contribute to ISOPP in some form (ie. Task Force participation) at the very minimum, writing an article for the ISOPP newsletter on their practice, and how ISOPP membership has helped them.