Getting around Seville

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Seville provides a metro service within the city. The metro currently has one line operating with 3 further lines planned. Seville’s metro runs from 6.30 am (7.30 am Saturdays and holidays) to 11 pm (2 am on Fridays and holidays).

Seville is divided into three zones. If you travel within the same zone, a ticket costs €1.30.  If you travel within two zones, it costs €1.55 and €1.75 for all three zones.

If you have a rechargeable card (Consorcio de Transporte), each ticket is cheaper (€0.80, €1.15 and €1.35 respectively). A one-day ticket costs €4.50, offering unlimited travel within all zones. 

Visit the Seville Metro website for more information.



Taxis in Seville are white with a yellow stripe. A green light on the roof indicates if it’s available. 

To hail a taxi all you need to do is raise your hand. The only places where you must take a taxi from the corresponding ranks are railway (Santa Justa) and bus stations (Plaza de Armas and Prado de San Sebastian), and at the airport. 

Prices are based on the official rate as fixed by Seville City Hall and are generally updated every year (mid-December). There is always an obligatory minimum fare as of when the meter is switched on. 
More details about Taxis & Fares


Seville Bus

Seville has an extensive bus network, covering all barrios around the city. Buses run from 6 am to 11.30 pm. There are also night buses leaving from Prado from 12 midnight to 2 am. Tickets cost €1.40 per trip and can be bought on board. 

A cheaper option is the ‘Tarjeta Multiviaje’ (plastic card, €1.50 refundable deposit) which can be recharged and can also be used on the tram. Depending if you are changing lines, a ticket costs €0.69 (without changing) or €0.76 (with changing). The cards are available at kiosks and estancos (tobacconists).

Other good options for short visits are the one-day cards (€5.00) or three-day cards (€10) which can be bought at the Tussam Information Points. 

At most stops, you can find NFC service points where you can check waiting times on your mobile along with all kinds of information about the city. There are also screens providing information on the arrival times of the next bus. The entire fleet is monitored by GPS.


Seville Tram

The tram is called ‘Metro-Centro’ and goes south from Plaza Nueva, the centre of the city, and has four stops, covering 1.4km in total. After leaving from Plaza Nueva, it goes down Avenida de la Constitution past the cathedral, stopping at the Archivo de Indias, San Fernando, the Prado de San Sebastian, and terminates at San Bernardo. 

The tram runs from 6 am to 1.30 am. Tickets can be bought at any station for €1.20 which need to be stamped on the tram itself. 
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