ISOPP Member Service: Self-Assessment Tool for Safe Handling of Cytotoxic Medicines Survey Reminder

Improving safe handling of cytotoxic medicines in low and middle-income countries- Test Cyto-SAT: our self-assessment tool.

Cyto-SAT is a tool recently developed by the Geneva University Hospitals and its Pharm-Ed programme. Its aim is to promote ongoing quality and safety improvement regarding cytotoxic medicines handling practices in low and middle income countries. Cyto-SAT was validated by 27 international experts through a Delphi consensus method. 
The tool has started to be tested in several countries (e.g.Morocco, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Ethiopia, Sénégal etc.) but we are still looking for the participation of facilities dealing with chemotherapies in low and middle-income countries (LMIC).

Participants get access to Cyto-SAT and perform a self-assessment to evaluate their practices in regard to international guidelines and recommendations. Results will help them design an action plan in order to increase patient safety and worker protection in their facility. 

Result will give us a global perspective of handling practices in LMIC. Furthermore, identified weaknesses and gaps will help us to build educational materials that will be available for free on our Pharm-Ed platform (
Besides, results could be used for advocacy, to raise awareness and integrate specific interventions on that matter in National Cancer Control Programmes.


Participation deadline is on December 31st 2018.


Please find more information on the following link 


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Thank you for your contribution and your help in the success of this study.
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