UTIC (Understanding targeted therapies and immunotherapies for cancer) Course

Available Now - Understanding targeted therapies and immunotherapies for cancer (UTIC) Course


ISOPP (The International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners) and BOPA (The British Oncology Pharmacy Association) are pleased to announce this joint collaboration project – UTIC (Understanding targeted therapies and immunotherapies for cancer). It is a learning course over five modules incorporating twenty-four videos (6-8 minutes each) taking you on a journey of learning and discovery about targeted therapies and immunotherapies used for the treatment of cancer. 
This joint collaboration was developed to support the education and learning of oncology pharmacists around the world by producing an education course that is not currently available by either the ISOPP or BOPA education offerings.

It is FREE for ISOPP members (join for no-fee) or BOPA members to access via their websites. 

What people are saying about the course:
‘I have just completed the brilliant UTIC course and would highly recommend it to any Cancer Pharmacist – both those new to Oncology / Haematology and those with many years experience. It has reinforced many key basics for me about the immune system, and how cancer cells are able to evade it, and really put into context how our newer targeted and immunotherapies work. I feel that it will help me greatly in explaining these often concept complex concepts, when I am teaching trainee and junior Pharmacy staff. A big thank you to Elaine Vickers for the clarity of her explanations and illustrations.’  – Catherine Parbutt, Consultant Pharmacist for Cancer Services, UK
‘UTIC is a comprehensive introduction to targeted therapy and immunotherapy for pharmacists new to the hematology and oncology area with content ranging from basic pharmacology to practical clinical pearls. Great refresher too for experienced oncology pharmacists!’  – Chia Jie Tan, Research Assistant Professor, University of Utah, USA 


Access this new course here:

ISOPP: https://www.isopp.org/education-resources/utic 


We hope that this course helps you on your learning journey.