ISOPP Bylaw Updates Confirmed

An important aspect of ISOPP’s new 10-year vision is to ensure the ISOPP Bylaws are in alignment with ISOPP’s vision and meet legal requirements. To this end, updates to two ISOPP bylaws (Bylaws 3 and 13) were recommended by the Secretariat and Governance Committee, and subsequently voted on and approved by the membership at a Special Members Meeting held on Wednesday, December 20, 2023.

The following updated ISOPP bylaws are now confirmed:

Bylaw 3. Membership Categories (Classes) and Conditions:

  A. Qualification for Membership

  1. Full Members: An individual who is engaged in oncology pharmacy and/or related fields and supports the vision of advancing oncology pharmacy care and the Society shall be eligible to be a Full Member provided that:   
    ●   a) An application for membership is completed on the form(s) prescribed by the Secretariat.
    ●   b) Qualifications for membership are met as described in the application.
  2. Honorary Members: Honorary Membership may be awarded by a resolution of the Secretariat to those who have significantly contributed to the growth and development of the Society.

  D. Membership Fees

  1. There are no annual fees for all categories of membership, unless made effective by way of a bylaw amendment in accordance with Bylaw 38 hereof.
  2. Honorary Members shall be exempt from payment of membership fees.
  3. The Society shall contact members on a yearly basis with the option to continue or withdraw their membership.

Bylaw 13. Terms of Office Directors:

  1. The term of office for all directors is for three (3) years, with the exception of the President who shall serve a total of four (4) years including one (1) year as President-Elect, two (2) subsequent years as President and one (1) year as Past President.
  2. No individual shall serve more than two consecutive terms for any office; an individual may only serve one term as President within a ten-year (10) period.

Sincere thanks to the ISOPP membership, Governance Committee, and Secretariat for your involvement and support to ensure that both legal obligations and a well-structured framework is in place to guide ISOPP's current and future leaders in realizing ISOPP’s new 10-year vision.

Evelyn Handel                                        Netty Cracknell
ISOPP President                                    ISOPP President-Elect