Joint Membership with Egyptian Foundation of Clinical Pharmacy (EFCP)

ISOPP now offers Joint Membership with the Egyptian Foundation of Clinical Pharmacy (EFCP).

EFCP is a national clinical pharmacy organization whose mandate is to share knowledge and awareness of clinical pharmacy profession, practice and scientific research, with the aim to optimise  health care services and advance the knowledge of pharmacy health care professionals.

To qualify for these rates, pharmacists must be a member of both EFCP and ISOPP. Select the applicable membership fee category when applying or renewing your membership with each organization.

*Pharmacists can choose a discounted ISOPP joint membership fee and get a discount with select National Oncology Organizations – currently with the Canadian Association of Pharmacy in Oncology (CAPhO),  Egyptian Foundation of Clinical Pharmacy (EFCP) or the Turkish Society of All Public Pharmacists (TUKED). 

Visit the ISOPP website for more information.