Satellite Symposia

Wednesday, April 11


Satellite Symposium - Equashield 

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Introducing the World’s First Robot with Closed System Transfer Device

On the agenda:

  • Robotics in Cytotoxics: The final frontier
    Yaakov Cass MSc. FRPharmS, Clinical oncology pharmacist.
    Emeritus District Pharmacist Ministry of Health.
  • What role can Equashield Robots Play in Keeping Pharmacists Safe?
    Salim Hadad Ph.D., M.sC. Pharm., LL.B.
    Director of Pharmaceutical Services Department
    Rambam Health Care Campus
  • Virtual Reality demo of the Equashield Pro with a 3D helmet

This symposium will explore the use of robotics in cytotoxic drug handling and discuss the role that the Equashield Pro robot can play in keeping pharmacists safe. Utilizing advanced robotic technologies, and a method of compounding that shortens process flow while performing multiple simultaneous tasks, the Equashield Pro’s robotic automation for hazardous drug compounding can increase both the throughput of compounded drugs and enhance pharmacy safety. The Equashield Pro’s dose verification software reduces the occurrences of medication dosage and identification errors in hospitals. Equashield invites attendees to its satellite symposium to learn more.

Thursday, April 12


Satellite Symposium - Roche

Infusion Centers: Are We Ready? 

China is in need to build infusion centers to facilitate infusion of Oncology drugs purchased outside of hospitals, and potentially more infusion services. The hospital-affiliated infusion center should largely leverage professional team from pubic hospitals, mainly pharmacists and physicians. The infusion center will benefit patients, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, as well as distributors and pharmacies. On the operational level, learning from best practices in the US and Europe will help to build infusion centers in China. Professional team (esp. pharmacists), standardized management and quality services should be the focus.


  • Magen Xia, Partner and Managing Director of Boston Counseling Group
  • Bo Yu, Department of Pharmacy, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center

Session Schedule:

06:30-06:35                 Welcome and Introduction                            

06:35-07:15                 Suggestions on building hospital-                   Magen Xia

                                    affiliated infusion center

07:15-07:45                 Infusion Centers: Role of pharmacists            Bo Yu              

07:45-08:00                 Questions, Answers, and Discussion              All



Satellite Symposium - BD

Managing Hazardous Drugs: Are You Doing Enough?

International guidelines and standards exist to reduce or eliminate the risk of exposure of healthcare workers and patients to hazardous drugs.  Even when fully compliant with the minimum standards or guidelines, risk for exposure to HDs persists, often in unexpected areas.  Engineering controls, such as isolators and biological safety cabinets, can become contaminated and become a source for increased exposure.  HDs may be unknowingly used outside the pharmacy in a way that puts other healthcare workers at risk, and some drugs may even present a risk that has not yet been recognized.  This symposium will discuss common unrecognized risks for HD exposure and present solutions to minimize or eliminate them.

Friday, April 13


Satellite Symposium - BeiGene

New Mechanisms and Trend of Chemotherapy, Focused on Paclitaxel

Cancer is a major global medical and health problem at present. With the development of China's economy, people's diet and life style change, its incidence has increased significantly. In recent decades, despite rapid innovation and drug development in cancer treatment, guidelines and evidence-based medicine suggest that chemotherapy remains to be the cornerstone of cancer treatment, and drug and formula innovation offer more solutions to clinical physicians and pharmacists. In order to further explore the effect of formulation innovation in clinical practice and challenges, and strengthen the exchange among pharmacists in this field. We will hold a seminar on oncology pharmacology during the ISOPP conference to discuss with you on cancer treatment.


  • Jin Xu, Chief physician of Pancreatic Surgery, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center
  • Qing Zhai, Department of Pharmacy, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center
  • Bo Yu, Department of Pharmacy, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center

Session Schedule:

06:30-06:35                 Welcome and Introduction                             Qing Zhai

06:35-07:15                 The new mechanism of action of                   Bo Yu

                                    Albumin-bound paclitaxel

07:15-07:45                 Development and trend of chemotherapy     Jin Xu              

                                    drugs for pancreatic cancer

07:45-08:00                 Questions, Answers, and Discussion              All