Publication - International Consensus Guideline for Anticancer Drug Dosing in Kidney Dysfunction (ADDIKD)

On behalf of the Cancer Institute NSW, eviQ and the ADDIKD Guideline Working Group, we are pleased to advise the International Guideline for Anticancer Drug Dosing in Kidney Dysfunction (ADDIKD) is now published and available on the eviQ website:

eviQ is a New South Wales government funded resource which publishes evidence-based, consensus driven cancer treatment protocols ( It is widely utilised in clinical practice, both in Australia and internationally, and includes specific and practical dosing modification information to inform the delivery of patient-centred care.  

To develop ADDIKD, eviQ incorporated the highest level of evidence assessment, combined with the practical aspects of delivering cancer treatment. We started this process by drawing on the internationally recognised expertise of our colleagues in renal medicine and were able to achieve consensus on the assessment of kidney function using eGFR (estimated glomerular filtration rate). This was a significant step forward in cancer care and paved the way for harmonising assessments across all medical specialities, general practitioners and pharmacists. Having established eGFR as the gold standard for assessing renal dysfunction, we then moved to establish and apply a tailored and consistent approach to dosing adjustment for individual drugs. ADDIKD is a supportive decision-making tool, providing a practical, transparent, and standardised global approach to manage the dosing in this complex patient population.

eviQ have developed several resources to assist users in adopting the ADDIKD guideline recommendations, including:    

ADDIKD Guideline Quick Reference Tool

ADDIKD Guideline Factsheet

eviQ calculators:

Rapid learning education modules:

eviQ are working to update all information and treatment protocols on eviQ to reflect the ADDIKD guideline recommendations however this is a significant project that requires a carefully planned implementation process. For further information on the ADDIKD guideline and implementation of the recommendations into eviQ protocols please visit the eviQ ADDIKD webpage.

If you have any questions, please contact eviQ at  

Yours sincerely,

Professor Tracey O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Institute NSW 

Professor Robyn Ward MBBS (Hons I), PhD, FRACP   Program Director, eviQ and Chair of ADDIKD Working Group