7th National Hospital and Institution Pharmacists Congress by TÜKED on March 4-7, 2020

By Shaun O'Connor, St. Vincent's Health, Australia

Over 800 pharmacists gathered at Royal Seginus Hotel, Antalya, Turkey for the 7th TÜKED Congress.

A wide program covered the spectrum of pharmacy practice, but included specialist sessions on Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Immunotherapy from the consultant and the pharmacist’s viewpoints. The talks covered mechanisms of actions, studies showing efficacy, adverse effects and pearls for pharmacists. Oher presentations also included antimicrobial resistance, anesthetics, clinical nutrition, inhaler use, red flag symptoms in pediatrics and geriatrics, rational drug use & drug information centres and pharmacist's role.

Antalya is located in the south of Turkey and features the ancient city of Perge and the historical old city. Religious buildings which have changed hands and religions over the years feature across the city and provide interesting insights into history. The hippodrome, theatre and columned streets of Perge, as well as the old Roman plumbing visible in the city centre give an insight into how cultures build on cultures over time. 

I thank TÜKED for the invitation to present at their annual conference and their hospitality.

At 7th TÜKED Congress At 7th TÜKED Congress