ISOPP Global Position on the Use of Biosimilars in Cancer Treatment and Supportive Care

Although biosimilars lack clinically meaningful differences in therapeutic activity as compared to the originator product, these complex biological molecules are not considered identical chemical copies, unlike generics, and minor differences in molecular structure and inactive compounds may exist. A thorough understanding of these differences and their clinical implications is necessary for optimising medicines-use practices involving biosimilars.

ISOPP is committed to supporting the use of biosimilars yet understands that their implementation poses a set of challenges, which varies across nations.

ISOPP believes that training and education are paramount to ensure the safe and effective use of biosimilars within healthcare institutions. This position statement, developed by the ISOPP Biosimilars Taskforce, aims to provide the global oncology pharmacy community with guidance to support decisions around biosimilar use. The 11 statements cover the regulation and evaluation of biosimilars, practical issues around local implementation, the education of healthcare staff and patients, and the requirement for ongoing pharmacovigilance and outcome monitoring.

ISOPP sets forth that because of their unique skill set, oncology pharmacists can play a crucial role in the optimisation of medicines-use processes surrounding biosimilars.