New Membership Benefit: Sosido

ISOPP members have been set up with log in details that gives them free access to the Sosido Network.

Sosido is a web service which provides healthcare associations and their members with a better way to share knowledge. It uses innovative technology to connect and filter knowledge through communities of trusted peers and mentors, to ensure these individuals receive the information critical to their practice and to the care of their patients. Our vision is a world-wide, multi-disciplinary forum which supports the work of healthcare professionals and the associations which serve them, and creates better ways to deliver care and improve patient outcomes.

Sosido provides you with:

  • A live stream of new abstracts from your chosen journal feeds or knowledge sources -- you will notice that Sosido set up your account with a few recommended feeds to get you started, but after you log in, you can add or change your feed subscriptions to suit your own interests.
  • Updates on new publications by ISOPP members -- whenever a ISOPP member has a new publication, it will be automatically featured in the ISOPP community.
  • A weekly email digest called Sosido Notes which summarizes all the new activity on the ISOPP network that week (so you don't have to remember to check the site).
  • A Q&A feature which allows ISOPP members to ask and answer practice questions through Sosido, with Q&A updates through the email digest.

You can follow other associations on Sosido to receive updates on their member publications in your email digest. 

We hope you will find Sosido a useful tool to help you stay abreast of new knowledge in the oncology pharmacy field, and to connect with each other. Log in to Sosido to start sharing!