2017 ISOPP Bylaws Review: Revisions Required for Incorporation in Canada
Questions and Answers

ISOPP is finalizing the process of incorporation of the organization in Canada.   An important step in the process is to assure ISOPP bylaws meet the legal requirements for incorporation in Canada.   Some of the language was changed to: assure the bylaws were consistent with the vision and goals of ISOPP, maintain the foundation established by ISOPP founders and meet legal requirements for Canada.

The following are some of the questions you may have as you review the 2017 ISOPP Bylaw revision.  If you have other questions please forward to Harbans Dhillon, ISOPP President at, as we will be updating this resource as we hear from our members.

When will the 2017 ISOPP bylaws revision be voted on by the ISOPP membership?
There will be an initial review period allowing the membership to give feedback on the bylaws until Friday, March 31, 2017.  The ISOPP Secretariat will review comments from the ISOPP membership and determine if further clarification is required.  The final version of ISOPP bylaws will be sent to the membership for ratification via electronic vote.  The vote is anticipated in April and based on the feedback from the membership.

Is there any significant changes in the ISOPP Bylaws required by Canadian law?
As per a Canadian law requirement, the officers of the Society (President, President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary) are appointed by the Secretariat.  The membership votes for Secretariat members and at the same time provides a recommendation to the Secretariat on who should fill the Officer positions.  We feel it is essential that the voice of membership is the guide for ISOPP leadership.

How will the membership provide recommendation for ISOPP leadership?
There will continue to be a call to ISOPP membership for nominations for the ISOPP Secretariat.  In addition, a Nominations Task Force will be formed each year to develop a slate of members to run for Secretariat.  The decision for Secretariat membership will therefore be based on the voice (and vote) of the membership.  During elections the membership will be asked to indicate their recommendation for the Officer positions. After the election, the Secretariat will appoint the open Officer positions based on which candidates receive the highest number of votes from members.

How long will the ISOPP Secretariat member hold a leadership position?
The term of office remains a two year appointment, except for the term of President.  At this time the ISOPP President is elected and service two years as President Elect, followed by a two year term as President.  As we now hold the ISOPP Symposium annually, it was felt that there is a need to create better continuity from President to President. The President elect will now serve only one year as President-Elect, two years as President and now one year as Past President.