Grants & Awards


Every day oncology pharmacists make a difference in the lives of cancer patients around the world. Part of ISOPP’s mission is to support and reward this vital work. We do this through our Grants & Awards program. Consider becoming a member to take advantage of these opportunities. 

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Research grants

ISOPP members can apply for substantial grants for the purpose of research focused on oncology pharmacy in pre-clinical, clinical, translational or practice-related areas.

Travel grants

Travel grants give members who would otherwise not be able to afford the expense the opportunity to attend an ISOPP Symposium.

The Helen McKinnon Award

Named after one of the founding members of ISOPP, the Helen McKinnon Award recognizes members for their professional achievements, contributions to oncology pharmacy practice and to the society.

The Fellowship & Achievement Awards

The Fellowship & Achievement Awards recognize excellence in oncology pharmacy practice, research or management in members who have made a sustained contribution to ISOPP.

Poster & Platform Awards

This ISOPP Research Committee in conjunction with abstract reviewers select the best abstracts for platform presentations at the ISOPP Symposium.  During the ISOPP Symposium Poster Session, the ISOPP Research Committee in collaboration with selected Poster Judges select the best posters to receive Poster & Platform Awards to be presented at the Symposium's Closing Ceremonies.

JOPP Awards

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice (JOPP) selects two JOPP Awards, the JOPP Best Research Paper Award and the JOPP Best Practice Paper Award. The awards are presented at each ISOPP Symposium.

Past award & grant winners

ISOPP is proud to present past grant and award winners.