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Thursday, October 10

13:00-17:30  ISOPP Biosimilars Workshop (Participation is not included in Symposium registration and an additional fee applies)
09:15-16:30  Intro to Oncology Pharmacy Course (Participation is complimentary for BOPA members and Symposium Participants)
19:00-21:00  Sponsors and Exhibitors' Reception (aka Meet the Committee) by invitation only

Friday, October 11

 All Day

 Virtual Site Visits            


 Satellite Symposium - Astellas          

 "Preparing for the future of prostate cancer: pharmacy supporting sustainability in oncology services"          


 Welcome Remarks

 Alex Chan, ISOPP President, Singapore

 Rob Duncombe, ISOPP 2019 Symposium Chair, UK

 Kevin Webber, UK


 Opening Plenary

 Key Developments in Cancer Treatments in the 2020's

 John Wagstaff, Swansea University, UK

10:45-11:30  Refreshment Break amongst the Exhibits and Posters
11:30-12:30  Concurrent Session 1

 Clinical 1

 Cancer Associated Thrombosis
 Simon Noble, Cardiff University, UK                   

 Fundamentals 1

 Embracing the Challenges of Aseptics

 Tim RootNHS Specialist Pharmacy Service, UK

 Andrew Davies, NHS Improvement, London, United Kingdom

 Research 1

 Update from ESMO
 Dharmisha Chauhan, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, UK


 Satellite Symposium - BD

 “Finding the Invisible Threat: Monitoring for HD Surface Contamination”

 Lunch amongst the Exhibits and Posters
14:00-15:30  Concurrent Session 2

 Clinical 2

 Navigating the Changing Landscape of RCC
 Manon Pillai, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, UK

 A Life in a Day of a Kidney Cancer Patient

Mark Doyle, Director, The Method 
Netty Cracknell, Fiona MacLean & Emma Foreman (Life in a Day Participants)

 Fundamentals 2

 10 Year Forward Vision for Oncology Pharmacy Professionals
 BOPA GAP Committee

 ISOPP Position Paper DRAFT - Role of the Oncology Pharmacy Team in Cancer Patient Care 

 Barry Goldspiel, ISOPP Credentialing, Specialization, and Scope of Practice Task Force Chair

 Research 2

 Platform Presentations

15:30-15:45  Pfizer Oncology – Introducing a new series of educational films for people living with breast cancer
15:30-16:15  Refreshment Break amongst Exhibits and Posters
16:15-17:45  Concurrent Session 3

 Clinical 3           

 Clinical Management of CLL – a pharmacist’s perspective
 Catherine ParbuttLeeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

 Update of the Cancer Drug Interactions Website and Its Application in Clinical Practice
 Jasmine Martin, University of Liverpool, UK
 Stefanie Krens, Radboud University Medical Center, the Netherlands


 Fundamentals 3

 Dose Banding in Oncology
 Mary Gunther, Alberta Health Services, Canada
 Andrea Preston, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, UK
 Calum Polwart, County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, UK
 Richard Nuttall, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, UK


 Research 3

 Presentation of the ISOPP Research Grant Results 

 Lisa Holle, Uconn School of Pharmacy, USA

 Presentation of the BOPA Research Grant Results
 Terry Ng, UCL School of Pharmacy, UK


 Welcome Reception amongst the Exhibits and Posters / 
 "Explore ISOPP & BOPA Opportunites" Reception


 Satellite Symposium - BMS

 “Reducing Time to Treatment Administration (RTTA)”

Saturday, October 12

 All Day

 Virtual Site Visits            


 Scenic 5km Run / Walk                                                                                                                          


 Satellite Symposium - MSD

 "A Pharmacy perspective: Implementing 6 weekly dosing (Q6W) for KEYTRUDA®▼ (pembrolizumab) for single-agent indications"


 Plenary / Awards

 Global Access to Good Quality Medicines

 Elisabeth de Vries, University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands

09:30-10:15  Concurrent Session 4

 Clinical 4

 HPV vs non-HPV Head & Neck Cancer
 Martin Forster, University College London Hospital, UK

 Fundamentals 4

 Cancer Pain Management
 Sonia ChandWalsall Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

 Research 4

 Statistics Without Tears   
 Sian Williams, University of Brighton, UK

10:15-10:45  Refreshment Break amongst Exhibits and Posters
10:45-11:45  Concurrent Session 5

 Clinical 5

 Role for Medicinal Cannabis
 Carlo DeAngelis, Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre, Canada
 Sonia ChandWalsall Hospitals NHS Trust, UK

 Fundamentals 5

 Community Pharmacy Integration in Cancer Care

Nishali Patel, NHS Digital, UK

Jackie Lewis, Lewis Pharmacy, UK

Fiona Flowers, Macmillan Cancer Support, London, UK 

 Research 5 

 Pharmacy Practitioners as Researchers Panel

Pinkie Chambers, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation, UK

Alex Chan, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Jennifer Jupp, Alberta Health Services, Calgary, Canada

11:45-12:30  ISOPP General Meeting

 Satellite Symposium - Gilead

"CAR-T and Pharma-C"

 Lunch amongst the Exhibits and Posters

 Question Time: Ask the Expert

 Winnie Wanjiku Mwangi, Oncology and Clinical Pharmacist, Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital, Kenya

 Steve Williamson, National Lead Cancer Pharmacist, NHS England, Swansea, UK

 Jatinder Harchowal, Chief Pharmacist and Clinical Director, Royal Marsden Hospital, UK

 Carole Chambers, Director, Cancer Services, AHS Pharmacy, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 



 "Is Cancer Fundraising Fuelling Quackery?"

 Louisa Davies, University College London Hospital Foundation Trust, UK
 Michael Marshall, Good Thinking Society, UK

16:00-16:15  Pfizer Oncology – Introducing a new series of educational films for people living with breast cancer
16:00-17:00  Poster and Exhibit Viewing Session
 BOPA New to Oncology Meeting
 Research Hot Topics

 Satellite Symposium - Jazz

"Chemotherapy reimagined:improving outcomes in high-risk AML*
*High-risk AML defined as therapy-related AML (t-AML) or AML with myelodysplasia-related changes (AML-MRC)"

19:30-23:30  Optional Networking Evening Event 

Sunday, October 13

 All Day

 Virtual Site Visits            

08:30-08:45  Pfizer Oncology – Introducing a new series of educational films for people living with breast cancer

 Plenary / Platform Presentations 

10:00-10:45  Concurrent Session 6

 Clinical 6

 Immunotherapy - What's all the fuss about?
 Heather Shaw, University College London Hospital and Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, UK

 Fundamentals 6

 ISOPP Standards Update
 Shaun O'Connor, St Vincent’s Health, Australia               

 Research 6 

 Personalized Oncogenomics Project (POG)
 Shirin Abadi, BC Cancer, Canada

10:45-11:30  Concurrent Session 7

 Clinical 7

 Patient Self-Monitoring  

 Kate Absolom, University of Leeds, UK

 Fundamentals 7

 Cancer Trial End Points
 Bruce Burnett, Swansea University, United Kingdom

 Research 7

 How can we make the most of the data we have?
 Brian Mackenna, EBM Datalab, UK 


 Closing Panel 

 Comparing Models of Clinical Pharmacy Around the World

 Shaun O'Connor, St Vincent’s Health, Australia 

 Irene Weru, Kenyatta National Hospital, Kenya
 Shinya Suzuki, National Cancer Center Hospital East, Japan
 Aygin Bayraktar, Hacettepe University, Turkey
 Helen Flint, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust, UK
 Glenn Myers, The Moncton Hospital, Canada 

12:30-13:00  Awards and Closing Remarks

 Satellite Symposium / Biosimilars Showcase - Amgen

 “Biosimilars in practice – optimising implementation and maintaining patient care”


 BOPA Annual General Meeting

15:00-18:30  Optional Sightseeing Bus Tour

Monday, October 14


 (Participation is not included in Symposium registration and an additional fee applies)