Let’s Communicate Cancer

By Jackie Lewis , Community Pharmacy Sub-Committee, BOPA

Hello I am Jackie Lewis, a community pharmacist and founder of the Community Pharmacy sub- committee for the British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA).  I have been privileged to create and launch the Let’s Communicate Cancer Series for BOPA. 

 'Let’s Communicate Cancer’ is free and easily accessible e-learning where you can learn about cancer from basics to detail. It is presented as bite-sized videos, animation, quizzes and slide shows. The e-learning will give you confidence and knowledge to help your cancer patients – from early diagnosis through treatment.  Let’s Communicate Cancer is aimed at ALL staff working in the pharmacy and beyond. Go to www.bopa.org.uk/courses and click on the logo or access via the education section.   Financial support was provided for Let’s Communicate Cancer by Pfizer Limited as a Medical and Educational Goods Grant.  To date nearly 4,000 people have accessed the e-learning and it has been very well received, particularly by the NHS in England.

We would welcome input and support for improvement from overseas. There is an opportunity to feed back within the e-learning or you can contact us at communitypharmacy@bopa.org.uk. We are looking to improve the e-learning by adding information on the emotional journey of cancer and to help with early diagnosis of cancer.  We are also looking to improve access to resources with the creation of a Let’s Communicate Cancer Hub.