International Best Practices

By Carole Chambers, Alberta Health Services Cancer Care, on behalf of David U and Michael Cohen

Both David U (retired CEO Institute of Safe Medication Practices – ISMP Canada) and Michael Cohen (President of Institute of Safe Medication Practices- ISMP) participate in an International Medication Safety Network (IMSN). A globally targeted medication safety best practices (G-TMSPB) initiative has been developed which focuses on three drugs; concentrated potassium chloride, vincristine , and oral methotrexate. 

M Cohen as Chair of IMSN and David U as General Secretary IMSN have asked that we share this best practice document with ISOPP. 

The webpage link is
The direct link to the PDF is

ISOPP has a history of collaborating with ISMP and ISMP Canada in the development of the international oncology medication safety self assessment which you may recall from 2012. Here is the link – the Oncology MSSA is free to access and a printable version is available.

Other members of ISOPP have worked with the WHO on the vincristine safety – thank you Peter Gilbar. If you recall WHO Alert 115 stated to have vincristine in minibags which is now reiterated in the best practice document from IMSN. 

In oncology we have a crucial role in influencing best practices for mediation safety with the use of oncology drugs. I am delighted we were one of the organizations David and Michael have approached to spread this document and more importantly implement in our practices.