February 2020

ISOPP Members! Take advantage of your ISOPP Membership today and register for a complimentary webinar: ISOPP’s View on Biosimilars and Practical Considerations for its Implementation. It will be presented by Joseph Bubalo, Emma Foreman and Sean Hopkins on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 at 05:00 PDT and 14:00 PDT.


With the 2020 Secretariat elections, and membership renewal, well underway, I want to thank you personally for being a member of ISOPP. Your membership and contribution to the global community of oncology pharmacy is very much valued.


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ISOPP Members, the sixty-eighth issue of the Virtual Journal Club (VJC) is available on the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners (ISOPP) website. To access it, visit the https://www.isopp.org/isopp-education-resources/virtual-journal-club-surveys 


On behalf of the ISOPP Nominations Task Force, Governance Committee and Secretariat, it is my pleasure to introduce the slate of candidates for three open Secretariat positions for the 2020 Election. The candidates are ISOPP members from all parts of the globe.