Lynne Nakashima Awarded the Prestigious FISOPP Designation

By Amy Lim, BC Cancer Canada

Don't tell, show. True leaders do not tell us what to do, but show us the way forward. 

As Lynne walked across the stage to receive her fellowship award at ISOPP's 2023 Symposium in Seville, the room was filled with admiration and respect for her. 

Lynne has consistently demonstrated her commitment to the profession of oncology pharmacy, inspiring others to contribute back to the profession through research and advancing practice. Her leadership as a senior director of Provincial Pharmacy at BC Cancer has been instrumental in navigating and overcoming practice management challenges during and beyond pandemic. As a mentor, educator, and the director of the BC Cancer Pharmacy Residency program, Lynne has guided oncology residents and young pharmacists to strive towards excellence. Her ability to motivate others to reach their full potential has been key to her sustained impact in the field of oncology pharmacy. In interdisciplinary oncology practice, Lynne has been a strong advocate for oncology pharmacists, fighting tirelessly to ensure we are recognized and that resources are available to enhance our practices.

Last but not least, she is a great storyteller! Her stories inspire you and leave you thinking long after since they are full of insights and life lessons.

Thank you Lynne for showing us the way forward (and telling us good stories)! Congratulations on becoming a Fellow of ISOPP!


















Lynne enjoying Seville at ISOPP 2023