ISOPP Research Committee update - all hands on deck!

By Jennifer Jupp, Chair & Tiene Bauters, Secretariat Liaison, Research Committee

The Research Committee is pursuing various projects in fulfilment of the Strategic Plan initiative of Delivering Enhanced Professional Development Resources in Oncology Pharmacy.  Within this initiative, the Committee has been tasked with developing a research framework that includes a mentorship program and a resource initiative by 2024.

Accordingly, a key focus has been establishing a Mentorship Network.  The Committee has reached out to other oncology pharmacy associations to find ways to collaborate, including adding each association’s link to the ISOPP Research webpage. Research Chairs from each association would also connect when opportunities arise. For example, if an ISOPP research mentor identified a project may benefit from additional support from other countries or there were opportunities to expand the project to other areas of the world. A Call for Mentors went out this month a with deadline of October 5, 2022. The full launch of the mentorship network will take place at the ISOPP 2023 Symposium in March next year.

The Research Committee is also continuing its creation of a Research Repository on the ISOPP website, with various sources of content being explored and the creation of new resources being considered.  
Future Research Webinars are planned with the focus being to highlight ISOPP member research e.g. grant recipients, poster winners.

Research Grant application will open in September/October along with Awards and Travel Grants, and these will be reviewed by the present and incoming  Research Committee chairs. 

The next few months will be busy for the Committee as the ISOPP 2023 Symposium Poster Abstract Submission is open until October 13, 2022. The Committee will then undertake the  abstract review from October 14 to November 4, 2022. Authors will be notified of acceptance on November 14, 2022.

The Research Committee is committed to finding other opportunities to collaborate with other associations as well as lead global projects similar to the COVID-19 project. These initiatives will be considered as they arise, with current Committee priorities placed on the Mentorship Network, Research Repository, Research Webinars and supporting Grants and Abstract review.