ISOPP Sponsored Membership

Each year during the membership renewal period, members graciously donate monies so that fellow oncology pharmacy practitioners, who might otherwise not be able to join ISOPP, are afforded the opportunity. This year, ISOPP received 20 requests and of these requests, 11 healthcare professionals who care about advancing cancer care will become members.

This is thanks to the generosity of ISOPP members: Alex Chan, Flay Charbonneau, Thomas Connor, Tandy-Sue Copeland, Marc Geirnaert, David Henry, Lisa Holle, Polly Kintzel, Shaun O’Connor, Debbie Paull, Barbara Yum, Carlo DeAngelis and others.

If you would like to make a donation, please email ISOPP’s Society Management office at or log into your membership record to make the donation. If 55 members make a donation of $20 CAD each, we will reach our target amount of $1081.50 CAD so that the remaining 9 requests can be supported and the new members can be welcomed to the ISOPP community.