ISOPP Immunotherapy Task Force Survey

Immunotherapy is an important emerging therapy in the treatment of malignant disease. ISOPP recognizes and supports the contributions of pharmacists in providing safe and effective care to patients receiving treatment with immunotherapy. ISOPP is committed to developing and defining the role of pharmacists in this field. 

ISOPP has established the Immunotherapy Task Force to identify current and ongoing educational and professional needs of pharmacy professionals and to develop a White Paper on the role of the oncology pharmacist in immunotherapy. 

To this end, the ISOPP Immunotherapy Task Force has commissioned a survey to establish current practices across the globe to help identify and respond to the needs of ISOPP members. This survey is anonymous, and the response will be collated and summarized. A report of the responses will be written, and summary will be shared with ISOPP members. 

The survey was sent to your inbox as a reminder on Wednesday, May 4, 2021. Please complete this very important survey by Thursday, May 6, 2021. It will take you about 10-15 minutes. Please contact if you have not received it. 


ISOPP Immunotherapy Task Force

Chair: Lynne Nakashima
Members: Omnia Abdo, María Asunción Albert-Marí, Elif Aras Atik, Jared Borlagdan, Alex Chan, Constanza Cortés, Andrea Crespo, Melanie Danilak, Mario de Lemos, Marc Geirnaert, Esin Aysel Kandemir, CheaXin Lim, Ramatu Mas'ud Alabelewe, Rina Mutiara, Karunrat Tewthanom, Ajo Thomas, Andrew Walker, Barbara Yim, Miguel Yu