ISOPP 2019 Elections: Call for Nominations

ISOPP's elections will be held in March 2019. ISOPP is seeking candidates for four Secretariat members for a two-year term. 

The following criteria provide a guide for those interested in running for the open positions:

  • Minimum two year membership in ISOPP (required)
  • Two years oncology pharmacy related work experience (required)
  • Volunteer activity in ISOPP
  • Oncology pharmacy related work experience
  • General volunteer and leadership experience

Please consider colleagues who you feel would contribute to the organization.  Additionally, if you would like to consider putting your name forward to serve on the Secretariat, please submit your nomination via your personalized link by Monday, February 18, 2019 at midnight PST.

The following items are required to submit you application:   

  • Personal statement that describes your interest in serving on the Secretariat (this will be included in the information provided to the membership during the election if you are chosen for the slate) 
  • Current copy of your curriculum vitae / resume 
  • Current headshot photograph (jpeg file)

If you require further clarification regarding the positions, nomination process or the elections, please contact me via email at

Thank you for your consideration.  The Society will continue to grow and succeed through the active participation and commitment of ISOPP members.



Harbans Dhillon

ISOPP Past President

Nominations Task Force Chair