ISOPP 2019 Complimentary Registration Winner

In April, Rob Duncombe, ISOPP’s 2019 Symposium Chair, set off to Morocco to race in one of the hardest foot races on the planet to raise money for cancer research. 

We asked you to guess how long it will take Rob to run 150 miles in the Sahara Desert for a chance to win a complimentary registration. Rob received great support and many guesses were received. The winner of the complimentary registration for ISOPP 2019 is…

Joseph Williams. Joseph guessed 35 hours and 30 minutes! What a fantastic prediction as Rob completed the Marathon Des Sable in 35 hours 33 minutes and 42 seconds.   

Rob’s impressive stats:

  • £5,879.15 raised for The Christie
  • 243rd place out of 816 runners
  • 6.34 km/h average speed
  • 251 km (156 mi) completed

Congratulations to Joseph Williams and a huge congratulations to Rob for achieving such an incredible feat. 

To read his experience at the Marathon, please go into the follwing page: