Program: East Meets West: Past, Present, and Future

The program at a glance is available on the ISOPP 2018 website. 



The theme of ISOPP 2018 is East Meets West: Past, Present, and Future. We share a common mission: advancing cancer patient care. Differing medical practices to achieve our mission creates an opportunity. As the role of oncology practitioners in the care of cancer patients evolves, we seek to integrate the best practices in our care of cancer patients. We welcome you and others to share your best practice - the best of the East and the West - so that we can all learn about the evolution of these practices to enhance the care of all cancer patients.

Plenary session at ISOPP 2017

Panel session at ISOPP 2017

Listed below are the panel and debate sessions and a sample list of concurrent sessions, details of which will be posted to the ISOPP 2018 website as they become available.

Panel and Debate Sessions

  • Interprofessional Collaborative Practice 
  • Precision Medicine in Oncology  
  • Opioid Addiction in Cancer Patients 
  • Shared Experiences of Student Research Projects  
  • Oncology as a Specialty versus Oncology as Required Knowledge for General Pharmacists

Concurrent Sessions

  • Updates in Hematology
  • Pharmacovigilance in Oncology
  • Recent Significant Papers in Oncology
  • Solid Tumour Updates
  • Updates in Pediatrics
  • Oral Cancer Drugs: Oral Cancer Drug Safe Use and Safe Handling
  • Breakthrough Oncology Pharmacotherapy: CAR-T Cell Therapy
  • And more