For Members: Final chance to apply for a Travel Grant

Deadline to apply for a Travel Grant for ISOPP 2018 is Monday, January 8, 2018. Up to three travel grants of $2000 CAD each are available for members who have paid their 2018 membership fees.

Every day oncology pharmacists make a difference in the lives of cancer patients around the world. Part of ISOPP's mission is to support and reward this vital work. We do this through ISOPP's Grants & Awards program. 

Travel Grants
Deadline: Monday, January 8

Fellowship Award
Deadline: Thursday, February 1

Australasian Travel Grant
Deadline: Thursday, February 1

Achievement Awards 
Deadline: Thursday, February 1

Helen McKinnon Award 
Deadline: Thursday, February 1

Research Grants
Deadline: Thursday, February 1
*Up to $10,000 CAD available!

Full details for each grant and award (including eligibility criteria and application steps) are located on the ISOPP website - sign in as a member and go to the Grants & Awards page.

The ISOPP Research Committee and Awards Task Force look forward to receiving your applications and nominations of your fellow colleagues.

Terry Mansell            Carole Chambers
Awards Task Force   Research Committee
Chair                           Chair