Call for Nominations Task Force Members

We are seeking ISOPP members who are interested in volunteering as of member of the 2019 elections Nominations Task Force (NTF).

This year, the Task Force is chaired by the ISOPP Past President, and as usual overseen by the Governance Committee. The work of this task force is outlined below, and will occur in January 2019.

As a member of the NTF, ISOPP will ask you to:

  • Identify possible ISOPP members to be candidates for open Secretariat positions;
  • Contact potential candidates to speak about the opportunities of serving on the Secretariat; and
  • Review the curriculum vitae of potential candidates. 

Note: As a Task Force member, you are ineligible to run for any position in the 2019 election.

Since, it is optimal to have a broad regional / geographical representation on the NTF, we are looking for Task Force members from all regions of the world.

If you would like to serve on the NTF, please contact me at: by Friday, January 11, 2019.

I look forward to working with interested members, as this is an excellent opportunity to be involved in ISOPP.

 Harbans Dhillon

 ISOPP Past President