Apply for Grants (Travel and Research) and Nominate for Recognition Awards Reminder

Every day oncology pharmacists make a difference in the lives of cancer patients around the world. Part of ISOPP's mission is to support and reward this vital work. We do this through our Grants & Awards program. There is one week left to apply for most - note the upcoming deadlines:

Australasian Travel Grant

Open to all Australasian ISOPP members.

Deadline:Monday, January 23

ISOPP Travel Grant

ISOPP members with paid membership for year of application.

Deadline:Monday, January 23

Helen McKinnon Award
Current ISOPP member for more than 10 years.

Deadline:Monday, January 23

Fellowship Award
ISOPP members who have demonstrated excellence.

Deadline:Monday, January 23

Achievement Awards
ISOPP member who has made a significant contribution.

Deadline:Monday, January 23

Research Grants

Deadline: Tuesday, February 28
*Up to $10,000 CAD available!*

Full details for each grant and award (including eligibility criteria and application steps) are located on the ISOPP website - sign in as a member and go to the Grants & Awards page.

The ISOPP Research Committee and Awards and Travel Grants Annual Task Force look forward to receiving your applications and nominations.

ISOPP's Society Manager, Sarah Lowis, and Galeen Erickson, show off prototypes of the Helen McKinnon award in Sarah's home town of Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.  Galeen is master at working a wood lathe and is from Vancouver, where ISOPP's management office is located.  He carves the awards using Canadian wood and will have ready for Budapest the globe awards for Jill Davis and Johan Vandenbroucke, ISOPP's 2016 Helen McKinnon award recipients. Nominate someone for the 2017 award and a globe will be carved especially for them too.