Cancer Medicines Access for Children Survey

You are invited to participate in an excel formatted survey looking at access to cancer medicines for children in low and middle income countries and the global distribution/variance in costs for these agents.

Please complete the survey regardless of the country you are from, and, if you do not work in a paediatric centre specifically, we ask you to direct any and all paediatric oncology pharmacists you know of in your country to this news post. The survey will take 30 to 60 minutes to complete and consists of three worksheets. You are asked to email the completed excel spreadsheet to Jane Robertson at the World Health Organization (WHO) Europe at by Wednesday, June 7, 2017.

In addition to the survey, you can review an information statement about the project (such as who is conducting the survey and why), as well as information to know prior to completing the survey.

We appreciate your time in completing the survey. Please contact me via email at should you have any questions. The results will be published and posted on the ISOPP website.

Thank you for your input and participation.

John Wiernikowski, BScPhm, PharmD, FISOPP, FCAPhO
Clinical Pharmacist, Paediatric Haematology/Oncology
McMaster University Hamilton, ON CANADA


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